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Sinai provides any kind and size of plants as well any size and shape of containers according with your needs. If you already have your own design, please just let us know what you need and we’ll get it for you or if you need a design from us, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Please let us know.


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Sinai Plants is best described as an indoor or interior plant service. When a client contacts us, our team offers a free design consultation. During this thorough consultation, we figure out how a client can benefit from our services. The team assesses which plants could work for a given location, and feedback is taken from potential clients each time. A short-term (holidays, special events) or long-term business relationship can then be built between us and the client.

We provide indoor plant services San Jose and San Francisco. Our main facility stocks a large amount of beautiful plants and flowers. Likewise, a gigantic collection of decorative holding pots are available. Clients can purchase or lease these items from us, depending upon their needs. Any plant or pot that we lack can be custom ordered from an outside company, if necessary. Whether clients buy or lease plants, they receive the same level of incredible service from our team members.

Unlike other companies, Sinai Plants offers full-service plant maintenance. A team member delivers orders weekly and provides maintenance as necessary. Our company features a replacement guarantee if plants start to wilt or die unexpectedly. For interior plant services San Jose or San Francisco, a guarantee like that is hard to find. We believe in our plants, so we're willing to replace them should something go wrong. Sinai Plants doesn't make clients absorb the cost of replacement.

Our staff is more than experienced, and each member believes in providing the best service possible. At our location, every single plant is cared for in the best manner possible. Decorative pots are cleaned and maintained before we deliver them to organizations or businesses. We have bright and vibrant plants or flowers ready for any commercial location. By trusting our company, clients receive unparalleled service and a rather extensive inventory to choose from.

If your company needs interior plants in the Bay Area, then don't hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible.